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Her  Lover

The Lost Daughter meets The Quiet Girl while on A Walk On The Moon because it's a suspenseful dreamlike/watching of a mother and child, when the child can only watch, until she's old enough to re-capture the nostalgia.

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A young woman’s world is sent reeling when her lover discloses a family secret that led to her mother’s death and threatens their new life together.

Story Summary / Synopsis
Her Lover focuses on Sandy, a 26-year-old new mother, and her lover, Cecil, 35, father of her baby, who was her father's handyman when she was 11 in 1975. Sandy is plagued by the mystery surrounding her mother's (Sarah, age 35)  life and death. Sandy has grown (though not seen in the short - through a troubled teen period, making a life for herself), yet she is constantly haunted by the secrets. She knows her mother passed away but was never told the details. Cecil has grown from the 20-year-old helper (having served in the military directly after Sarah's death, also not covered in Her Lover), to reconnect with Sandy and begin a romantic relationship.

We soon realize Sandy has repressed some memories as a way to live with the mystery and that she knew about her mother and Cecil before Her Lover began; she hides the fact she found the box on her own to see if he will come clean and show and tell her everything.

Her Lover unearths the deep love that has haunted Sandy and can haunt many as they grow from childhood to adulthood. Her experience is not universal, but the deep love this family felt for each other is worth exploring and possibly striving for. We are left with hope.

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