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2018-2023 Projects

Fuzzy Pancakes videos

Fuzzy Pancakes videos

Fuzzy Pancakes videos
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Project Descriptions

As actor, writer, producer, or director I've been involved in these films and I'm happy to showcase them here.

2023 Short Film

Waiting For Galdot,

Director Elizabeth Stuelke


Reality clashes with the meta-verse, when seven employees gathering for a celebratory end of year Chinese dinner have their lives upended, when their fortune cookies begin controlling their fate.

2020 Feature

Saving Savanna,

HRM Production, Director A.C. Bryan

"Dr. Reagan Samuels"


“Saving Savanna" tells the story of a suicidal young adult, Savanna Winslow. She ended her lease, gave away her car, and cut all ties before jumping from the local bridge. However, after her suicide attempt fails, Savanna is faced with a decision: to live or finish what she started.  Written and Directed by A.C. Bryan.

2019 Music Video


Writer, Singer (w/ SOLID), Producer


“Lucinda” the title represents an amalgam of all the wonderful people who took care of our first child so that I could still work while we lived in NYC. This is a tribute to them featuring family images over the years.

2018 DC 48hr Film

Child's Play,

Writer, Producer, "Tina"

A black comedy where a family on the edge of collapse gets hope for a new beginning with a little the help from the  kids. Produced by Fuzzy Pancakes Productions. Written and produced by e. Stuelke, starring as “Tina."

2021 Short Film


Director Nicholas Loughran Blauner



A cop and his family cope with the aftermath of a fatal miscalculation. Directed by Nicholas Loughran Blauner.

2020 Short Film

Wailing, Director Charlie Parker


Mira visits her grandmother at various stages of her decline in health. The family fights over who should make decisions for Deirdre; tensions between the children run high. Mira feels like her grandmother is too far gone for her to bear and forgoes saying goodbye. At the funeral, Mira goes to look at the body but becomes upset that Deirdre's nails have not been taken care of the way she remembers from her childhood. She talks to Archie, who tells her that it would have been nice if she spent more time with her grandmother in her final days.  Official selection for IndieX Film festival and Philadelphia Independent Film Festival.

2020 Music Video


Writer, Singer (w/ SOLID), Producer


A video for the song "Insulation" filmed at Argos Inn, in their see-through tent on the front lawn enabling people to be together in pods during the pandemic.

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