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Filming WRAPPED!! Congratulations to all involved!!
Her Lover
Mary Healy in the role of SANDY
Michael Emery in the role of CECIL
Robyne Parrish in the role of SARAH
Galway McCullough in the role of LEM
Samantha Falsetta in the role of SANDY (11)
Emma Jo Whalen in the role of JEN

In this emotionally evocative short, a man (Cecil) and a woman (Sandy), who have a baby together, reveal details of a life.  Some sad things, someone who is missed, someone who remembers more about the missed person than Sandy (a sister).  Cecil gives Sandy a box containing her mother's belongings and Sandy begins to learn about her, to have flashbacks about the period of her death, and reads the letters which prove Cecil and her mother had an affair, her mother was pregnant, had an abortion, and then killed herself. The hard fact and a central concept of these twists is that her mother was pregnant with Sandy’s father’s baby…. And so, Sandy herself does not have the baby of her mother’s lover… But was she hoping to?

Official Selection

SEMI-Finalist in The Big Apple Film Festival, 2024

Meet The Team

Director Elizabeth Stuelke Tells us Why Her Lover

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